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Cuts Off High review

Picture from Yelp

I went to Cuts Off High for the first time in January and it was a great but very unique experience. 

I needed a hair cut so I searched on Yelp for the best hair cuts in Columbus. This place was one of the top picks. Out of 41 reviews, he has almost 5 stars. Wow! 

To schedule an appointment, I called, left a voicemail, Ray texted me back with an available time, that same day and that was that. I’ve never been texted by a hair stylist before in a non-automated way so it was a refreshingly human change. 

Ray, the barber, is very friendly and listens to what you have to say. He is interesting to talk with and has a lot of opinions he will happily share with you. He takes great pride in his work and in educating his customers. I liked that he showed me how to care for and style my hair. My favorite part was that he didn’t try and sell me a bunch of hair products or things I didn’t want. I’d gone to a lot of other salons over the year and always felt pressured into buying their shampoo or hair products. 

Don’t expect any frills in this salon. With the $22 women’s haircut, there wasn’t a shampoo, he just misted my hair with water, and then blow dried it. The salon isn’t anything fancy, there’s no receptionist to get you coffee, etc.  I did read from other reviews that he has free beverages and fruit in the lobby. I was there at 6pm and didn’t see anything.

The service was good, the price was right and a month later, I’m still enjoying the layers in my hair cut, so I would go back here or recommend him to a friend.

Originally shared on Yelp

from Yelp

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Koble Grill


I went to Koble Grill for lunch today because I’m trying to work my way through Columbus Monthly’s Guide to Uptown Westerville. This morning I went to Java Central and got a Nitro coffee and fruit salad. I’d been to Java Central before and I’m glad I tried their Nitro coffee but it’s still not like my favorite coffee shop or anything. I always have mediocre experiences there. 

At Koble Grill, I ordered a gyro and spanakopita. I think I’ve had a gyro from a street vendor before but that’s about it so I was looking forward to giving gyros another try. I’d also never has spanakopita either and thought it sounded yummy.

I sat at the bar because of what I’d read on Yelp about ordering being awkward. I wish they had a usual set up with servers taking your order at your table. You need to sit down at a table, then order near the back of the restaurant and they’ll bring your food to you. 

Columbus Monthly guide to Uptown Westerville 

My gyro was messy but delicious. I enjoyed the meat and sauce they used. The spanakopita was also messy but yummy. I made the mistake of taking a bite out of it right when it came out and it was extremely hot. I thought it was a bit unusual that my appetizer and meal came out at the same time, but I’ve read that’s happened to other people too.
It’s a beautiful atmosphere inside and a lot of Westerville locals like it. 
They play loud pop music which I didn’t mind but seemed strange for an Italian/ Greek restaurant.

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Topiary Park

I’ve lived in Columbus since I was in 7th grade and I’ve done a lot of stuff here, in terms of things-to-do main attractions or tourist stops. I was browsing Google Maps (okay yes, to find potential Pokestops) when I stumbled upon this green spot labeled “Topiary Park.” I thought, “Oh, the Franklin Park Conservatory has been mislabeled.” But no, it was something different. I texted my friends and they hadn’t heard of the park either. Sp after work, I booked it over to the park. I had to see it for myself. 
At the Columbus Topiary Park there’s plenty of street parking and parking lots nearby. My meter was free after 6pm. There’s even a gift shop for visitors. All proceeds go to the topiary garden. Unfortunately it was closed when I went. (Meaning I’ll have to go back!)

There’s walkways around the park and benches and tables scattered around. I was most impressed with the small body of water in the middle that boasts topiary boats, a small fountain and gorgeous plants.

The highlight of the park can be seen from upon a small hill. This is where you get the best angle and can fully see how the topiarys come to life to become the famous painting.

This has always been one of my favorite paintings and I think topiarys are so neat so I was so excited to find out this existed in my backyard and that it was so nice. Also, the park was dedicated the year I was born. Coincidence?

Such a Columbus gem!

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Pokemon Go

My new favorite game? Pokemon Go.

I’ve been playing since July 11 and enjoying it so much. 
It’s opened my eyes to new places in Columbus. I was playing it in Grandview and saw a nearby Pokestop and realized it was Four Strings Brewing. I had no idea that was in Grandview! 
I’d never been to Hoover Dam Reservoir but I went there for the first time to get some water Pokemon and realized what a lovely park it is. I went there once after work and then on Tuesday during lunch. I got a wicked sunburn on my neck from walking around looking for Pokemon but it was worth it because during that trip, I gained a level, found a new Pokemon, hatched an egg and took a gym.  
There’s gyms, Pokestops and Pokemon scattered all around town, especially at churches.

I was so surprised to win this battle
Left my Jynx at Hoover’s gym
Won a battle at Hoover Dam

Of course I would find a Psyduck near Hoover

My favorite spots in Columbus to play Pokemon Go: 

  • North High Street/ Short North  
  • Arena District 
  • Park Street 
  • Goodale Park 
  • Highbanks
  • Inniswood Gardens
  • Sharon Woods
  • Oval at OSU
  • Hoover Reservoir Dam 
Known Pokestops I’ve been to:
  • Mural outside Martini on North High St 
  • Park Street Cantina donkey
  • Entrance to Goodale Park 
  • Severl are inside Goodale Park 
  • Entrance to Inniswood
  • Several inside Inniswood
  • Entrance to Sharon Woods
  • Various spots in Sharon Woods
  • Dam at Hoover Reservoir
  • Playground at Hoover Reservoir
  • Mormon Church in Westerville
  • Cemetery near Inniswood Park
  • Huber Village Park sign
  • Huber Village Park playground
  • Pointview Elementary water tower
    In bed with Shellder

Pokestops and Gyms I want to go to soon: 

  • COSI
  • Ohio Stadium- Horseshoe entrance
  • Hounddogs
  • Easton fountain
  • Governor’s mansion
  • Columbus Commons
  • Buckeye hall of fame grill
  • Nationwide Arena 
  • Schmidt’s
  •  Buckeye Donuts

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What have you been up to?

New living room 
Old living room 

I’ve been busy this past weekend and during the evenings after work. Things be a-changin’ in my life. Specifically location wise. Over the weekend, I moved into my new place.

Friday, we rented a UHaul truck for a few hours to move my bigger furniture pieces. You don’t fully realize how much crap you own until you have to move it all to another place. I tried to get rid of some stuff along the way but it still feels like I have a lot.

A highlight of the move for me was hauling my personal belongings from the street inside to the elevator while people stood by smoking, drinking and watching. I can’t blame them for staring because I think I would also passively watch someone else move, if given the chance. I’m also impressed we fit my couch in the elevator. That was a victory.

Saturday, Emily helped me move more stuff, we made smoothies, ate at the North Market and my parents helped me reassemble my bed. IKEA beds are not made to be assembled and reassembled three times but darn-it, this bed refuses to quit. I’m amazed it’s survived this many moves. In the evening, I went out with Nate to Big Bang Piano Bar and Park Street Cantina’s.

Helping my mom 

Sunday, I helped my mom at one of her clinics in Hilliard. It was really busy and so the time went by quickly. I always like seeing the wide variety of dogs and cats. In the evening, we ate at Beer Barrel in Hilliard and loved it. I had an amazing Oreo martini and we got the classic Hawaiian pizza. Our waitress was so sweet and we enjoyed watching the men’s high diving finals on TV.

Found a Drowzee hangin’ out in my hallway 

Monday, I tried to organize my new place and straighten things up. I had a list of areas that needed to be organized, things to buy, stuff that was missing and things to fix.
I figured out why my remote control to my ceiling fan wasn’t working. I was proud of myself for fixing that without having to ask for help. Turns out I had to re-program the remote and sync it up with my fan by holding down a button on the back.
 Another victory occurred when I found my Roku remote and phone charger. I screamed when I found those. I knew that I’d lose something in this move but I feared I wouldn’t lose my remote forever. I found both items in a bag next to some pillows and bedding.
That day, around 9:30pm, I went for a walk in Goodale Park to find some Pokemon. It was me and 100 other people walking around the park staring at their phones.

Tuesday, I cleaned my empty old apartment, moved the rest of the stuff and investigated a leak in my bathroom. Also, watched Futurama and ate a mango frozen yogurt bar.

Investigated why this sprinkler was leaking 

Wednesday, I drove to Pittsburgh and back. It was a long drive but worth it.

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La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bistro

One of my favorite places to stop in for a pastry and coffee before work is La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bisto.  I go to their location on Lane Ave in Upper Arlington but they are also in Worthington and Dublin. I like this bakery because it’s open early enough that I can pop in before 8am and there’s such a wide selection of delicious pastries that it’s always tough to choose just one. I’ve had three or four of their pastries by now and I’ve never been disappointed.

 The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I went there this morning and a woman recommended the apple turnover as her favorite and wow, it was amazing.

I asked her what they did for Bastille Day (I couldn’t help notice the red white and blue balloons still up) and she said they had a big turnout for their $17.90 dinner. Then we both agreed that the tragedies in France recently have been awful and made the world a scary place to live in.

 I’m happy Columbus has such a nice French bakery and bistro.


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I went to Mozart’s for the first time last night. It’s this upscale bakery, piano bar, Austrian restaurant in Clintonville off N High St. 
I went there during Happy Hour and enjoyed a Madtree PsycHOPathy which they have on draft. I’d never had this IPA before and I would totally order it again. It’s bitter and hoppy like an IPA but smooth and tastes of grapefruit. 
I also ordered the Smoked Salmon Plate which is smoked salmon served on toasted baguettes with cream cheese, capers, red onion, and a side of creamy horseradish sauce. It was delicious. The salmon was phenomenal and the baguettes were soft. I’d order that again for sure. 
Even though it’s not yet November, I “cast my vote” by buying a donkey shaped cookie at Mozarts. They have this cute election themed Cookie Poll where, since it was introduced in 2000, they have correctly predicted the results of the presidential election every four years.
There is a live person playing smooth piano music and the waitress was very attentive and friendly. 
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I admit that freshman year in college, I was in the Gaming Guild. We met Saturday nights in a nice big classroom and played games. I’ve always liked playing board games, card games, etc so I had a good time.

Kingmakers, in the Short North, reminds me so much of my Gaming Guild days.

They have an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling games available. The best part is, a staff member aka Board Game Sommelier will teach you any game. That’s my favorite part of Kingmakers. I’m floored at how these intelligent staff members can know how to play 200+ games and can clearly articulate how to play them.

Recently, I tried three new games from Kingmakers. 

I wasn’t a fan of this game because I generally don’t like games that are too fantasy or mystical related and that have a lot of complicated cards. I thought I would like this game because it involves buying and using cards but it’s more complicated than that. Even by my last turn, I was still stumbling through the motions and unsure what I was doing. I’m told this game is similar to Dominion, which I assume I also would not like, but hey, I haven’t tried it so who knows.

I’d like to play this game again. It was simple, challenging and fun. Each player gets 4 cards and the cards feature a significant invention or event in history (Invention of sign language, Les Miserables publication, invention of the wheel, etc) and the date of that event listed on the back of the card. There’s one card in the middle with the date of the event already revealed. You have to decide whether the cards in front of you came before or after that event out on the table. So it really quizzes you on how well you know history. I could see a trivia buff or history nerd excelling at this game. I beat my partner almost every game. It helped to ask myself questions like “Was this before or after the Renaissance?” or “Did this invention need to already have been invented for the Industrial Revolution to occur?”


This game is like Tetris but not played on a computer screen. You have a wide variety of colorful Tetris style shapes, ranging from one to five blocks. You can lay down a piece as long as it touches diagonally to any of your existing pieces. It can’t touch the side of any of your existing pieces. My partner didn’t explain the rules very well to me so I kept trying to lay down pieces next to my own and they would say “No! You can’t do that!” (That’s why it’s better to let the Kingmakers staff member teach you, instead of letting your partner teach you.) Since I didn’t know what I was doing, my partner almost blocked me into a corner. Even Rose, a Board Game Sommelier said something like, “Hey, why are you doing that when it’s her first time playing?” That left a sour taste in my mouth so I didn’t really enjoy Blokus but I would be up for trying to play it again, as long as it’s with a better partner.

 When you go to Kingmakers, keep in mind there is a flat $5 per person Library Fee. I like to think of it as I’m paying for the Board Game Sommelier’s expertise and to borrow games I’d otherwise wouldn’t be able to play. If you don’t want to pay the Library Fee, you can sit out on their patio upstairs and play games there.

One last reason to go to KingMakers is they have a nice selection of 8 beers and 4 wines on tap and they serve food. Their Happy Hour is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5 to 7 pm and it is $1 off domestic beer cans and $2 off tap wine and beer.

When you go:

17 Buttles Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 223 -1358

Tuesday – Thursday 5PM – 11PM
Friday 5PM – 1AM
Saturday 1PM – 1AM
Sunday 1PM – 8PM
Monday – Closed

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Worthington Farmer’s Market Haul

This morning I went to the Worthington Farmer’s Market  for the first time. 
I’d heard it ranked as one of the best in Ohio so I wanted to experience it for myself. 
Personally, I think Granville is the best farmer’s market but Worthington definitely had more vendors. It was overwhelming how many tents and vendors there were. 
One thing I love about farmer’s markets is the dog watching. Today, it was almost 90 degrees so all the dogs that were walking around were panting and looked a bit uncomfortable. I saw one dog that looked like a bernese mountain dog/ boxer/ lab mix. 
Here’s my Farmer’s Market haul:
My first purchase was a $2 cup of coffee from Silver Bridge.  I got the Salted Carmel flavor and really enjoyed that. They have such a wide variety of fun flavors at Silver Bridge. I went over to the cream and sugar part of the table and saw they had flavorings behind the table. I asked the young girl if I could get a pump of carmel in my coffee and she informed me the flavors are only for iced coffee. Note to self: Get an iced coffee next time so I can get the pump of carmel flavoring. 
On the street, this young man was handing out samples of Beer Bratwursts from Oink Moo Cluck and that delicious free sample is why I bought these $4.50 bratwursts. I’m not 100% sure how to cook them. I talked to the young man for a good while asking him how to cook them and he told me I can boil them in hot water and cook them in the oven for 10 minutes. Sounds suspiciously easy. At first he told me to grill the meat and I told him I didn’t have a grill. His next question was whether I had an oven or not. Come on, who doesn’t have an oven? 
I bought these $2 cheddar scones from a woman who was selling a wide variety of pastries. I almost bought this key lime tart she had. She saw my Columbus Arts Festival shirt and told me she had baked 100+ Art Shark cookies and had the image of the shark burned into her mind so seeing the shark on my shirt gave her flashbacks. That made me laugh. 

This was my favorite purchase and I will definitely get it again. This $6 ham and cheese croissant from Dan the Baker is phenomenal. As in, tastes like perfection. The ham is so juicy and there’s multiple types of cheeses baked in, including gruyère. I went to the Farmer’s Market searching for a delicious breakfast pastry and I found it!

This post reminds me of those “haul” YouTube videos girls make all the time whenever they shop at Target. But my post is with food. 

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North Market

Before I started at Nationwide, I’d only really been to the North Market for the Wine Festival in July. Now, I’ve been to the North Martket several times for lunch and I always enjoy the selection of food vendors. So much to choose from! Here are my thoughts on the places I’ve tried so far:

Pastaria: On July 8 I got the Pesto Pasta for $8 because the sample dish they had out looked delicious. Unfortunately, it was only delicious looking. It tasted really pesto-y and oil-y. I didn’t enjoy it. I felt gross after I ate it. I’m not hating on them because it was my fault for ordering something I didn’t like. Now I know not to get that again.
Previously, I got the Caesar salad from there and loved it. It was a huge portion of delicious salad with lots of dressing.
Entrees come with bread which is always great.
Price- $8 for pasta and $6 for entree size salad. $1 for drinks.

Bubbles: The Tea and Juice Company: I’ve gotten smoothies here and a bubble tea. I’d heard of bubble tea and wanted to try it. I learned I’m not a fan of it. It was too strange for me to be swallowing/ chewing on tapioca balls in my drink.
I do like their smoothies. I got an Orange Creamy smoothie when I had a sore throat and it felt really great. I think it helped me feel better too because it was loaded with fresh ingredients and vitamin C.
The guy who works there is always nice but there is usually a line so I can’t chat much.
Price- $4-5 for a smoothie

Best of the Wurst:  I had the most delicious 4 Cheese grilled cheese ever here. Like, that grilled cheese was better than sex. It was a billion types of cheese on the best ciabatta bread known to mankind. It literally had Havarti, Munster, mozzarella and American grille don white ciabatta.
I want to go back there and try a hot dog…and get that grilled cheese again.
Price- It was something like $6 I think

Coffee & Ham and Cheese Croissant 

Pistacia Vera: On July 6 I had the most delicious ham and cheese croissant and coffee from them. The croissant was soft and flaky and the coffee was dark and mysterious. Just how I like my men too.
Price- My ham and cheese croissant was $4 and the coffee was $2

Brezel: I’ve been here twice and I think I got the coconut pretzel both times. It’s very messy and the flakes always flake off. That just comes with the territory, I suppose. But I don’t want to wear my pretzel, I want to eat it. I wasn’t wowed by the pretzel place. Nothing’s wrong with the pretzels but they aren’t like extraordinary.
Price- most pretzels are a flat $5

Omega Artisan Baking: This is one of my go-to favorite places. I’ve gotten bread from them twice. My favorite is their pretzel bread but they usually only have it Thursday or Friday. You can get bread scraps (that aren’t scrappy!) for only 85 cents. I want to try their croissants and their pizza roll creation.
Price: very reasonable. 2-3 of the bread samples is filling  enough. I got a pretzel roll and some bread scraps and it was just $2-3.

Market Blooms: I bought a nice card for my cousin here. She recently had a baby. They have a wide selection of cards that are pretty unique.
Price- $3.50 for one card