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I wanted to start exercising this spring. When I was researching gyms to possibly join in Columbus, I stumbled upon ClassPass. I’d seen their Facebook Ads and wanted to learn more about them. The trial offer was a good deal and I was excited about the idea of trying new studios to consider joining. 
From April 17- May 17 I did ten various fitness classes in Columbus. At first I thought ten classes a month wouldn’t be enough but I later found it tough to squeeze in all ten classes into my busy schedule.
I enjoyed ClassPass and would recommend it to those who like variety, new adventures and can afford it. 
There were times in classes when I just had to take a deep breath and laugh at myself. There’s always going to be people in a class who have done that routine or those moves for years and are way better than you. That’s okay. I liked trying new classes that I otherwise wouldn’t have booked. I also met some other nice girls, some of them also “ClassPass” like me. 

Here’s the fitness classes in Columbus I did and how I reviewed them: 

Fit Jump

Tue, 05/16
6:00 – 7:00 pm
1645 Gateway Cir, Grove City, OH, 43123

Did not like this class. It was boring and repetitive.  The instructor was a high school freshmen who kept looking at a printed out sheet of notes. She never corrected anyone’s form or said anything motivational. I could hardly hear her. We’d bounce for a minute, do push ups for a minute, then repeat. I found myself zoning out and counting down the minutes til the class was over. The instructor seemed to be doing the same. At one point, we did exercises on the ground and I could’ve done those at home myself. I wanted to do exercises on the trampolines or in the ball pit. This class was disappointing.  

Intro to Aerial Silks

Mon, 05/15
6:00 – 7:30 pm
1411 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH, 43212

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this class but I actually did. It was easier than pole dancing but still required upper body strength. I was challenged and the instructor was willing to help. She was so patient and kind. That made all the difference. I was amazed at what I was able to do. I wouldn’t mind taking this class again. I was a bit sore the next day. 

Barre in the Village

Mon, 5/8
6:00 – 7:00 pm
503 City Park Ave, Columbus, OH, 43215
This wasn’t my favorite class. I felt very cramped and close to my neighbor. I couldn’t extend my legs or arms all the way without hitting her. Throughout class, I wasn’t sure if I was doing any of the moves right. The instructor was loud and friendly. She introduced herself by asking me if I had any injuries. Um, no. If I did, I’d let you know. My arms felt sore the next day so I guess it was a good workout.


Sun, 5/7
5:15 – 6:15 pm
6367 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH, 43017
This was a great workout and I liked the variety and loved the instructor. She was really down-to-earth, motivational and offered modifications and corrections. It’s a very nice studio, right by Trader Joes. I would go back and definitely take classes from Sarah again. She was fantastic.


Thu, 5/4
6:00 – 7:00 pm
275 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH, 43215
Julie is the best instructor I’ve ever had. It was a great workout. I wish I could give it six stars! She’s so inspirational and filled with knowledge. It was a challenging yet achievable workout. Highly recommend this class to everyone.

Fit Jump

Mon, 5/1
7:00 – 8:00 pm
3967 Presidential Pkwy, Powell, OH, 43065
It was a tough but fun workout. I couldn’t help but smile when we were bouncing on the trampoline but then that smile faded when we started doing suicides, frog legs, push ups, etc. I worked up quite a sweat. The instructor is tough but fair. I wish she had explained how exactly to do some of the more tricky moves. The class was small with just me and 5 “regulars”


Fri, 4/28
6:30 – 7:15 pm
640 Lakeview Plaza Blvd, Suite A, Columbus, OH, 43085
Not super intense, but a great way to blow off some steam. Had a good time 

Beginner Pole

Wed, 4/26
7:45 – 8:45 pm
3408 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH, 43214
I left class feeling frustrated. The class was labeled Beginner but the majority of the class had been dancing for years/ had their own pole in their basement/ could do spinning pole dancing. Everyone else in the class got the hang of it instantly. The instructor, Devon, gave up on me after awkwardly trying to help me twice. It wasn’t much of a workout and the pole was crazy slippery. Only take this class if you can do a few pull ups and have great upper body strength. And wear shorts. You can’t do the class in yoga capri pants. You have to wear shorts. Even though their website says you can wear yoga pants. Don’t.

Hydro Power Jam

Mon, 4/24
7:00 – 8:00 pm
3111 Hayden Rd, Columbus, OH, 43235
Laura is a really nice instructor. The workout wasn’t the most intense. I wanted it to be more challenging. There were a lot of older women in the group and some of them seem more focused on gossiping than doing the moves. Sawmill has a nice pool, locker room, hot tub and sauna.

Dance Mixx

Fri, 4/21
6:00 – 7:00 pm
1145 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH, 43220
The staff is really friendly and welcoming. The instructor came over and introduced herself and explained how the class would go. I liked the music and the dance moves. The instructor was so upbeat and motivating. It was a good workout.

And that’s all I have to say about my experience with a one-month trial of ClassPass in Columbus. 
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Dana Walters Social Media Posts

These are some potential social media posts I made for Dana R. Walters DDS:

Trivia Tuesday: Modern dental floss is made out of _______.   Share your answer in the comments below!

Warmer weather means it’s time to enjoy iced drinks. So refreshing! A friendly reminder to avoid chewing the ice in order to prevent gum injury, fractured tooth enamel or irritation of sensitive teeth.

Can you guess how many chapsticks Kaylee has in this jar? Comment with your guess!

TGIF! We did it! Share with us a selfie of your pearly white smile in the comments below. #selfie #tgif

#GumDisease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss and is a problem that we take very seriously. Call to make an appointment. #dentist #dental #teeth #smile

You know what today is? HUMP DAY! Now, that’s worth smiling about. Comment below with something that made you smile today #SomethingtoSmileAbout
I made all these images and wrote the captions. All content created by and property of Debbie Gillum. All rights reserved

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"What We Saw" Book Review

About two weeks ago, I read the YA novel “What We Saw” by Aaron Hartzler.  I heard about the book from NPR when they were talking about how YA novels and the importance of showing teens what a healthy first sexual encounter looks like. I picked it up because I like YA novels and I trust NPR’s book recommendations.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It’s so well-written! I stayed up late just to finish this book.

It takes place in a small midwest town where high school basketball rules. The book opens with a girl waking up from a crazy high school house party. Gradually, the reader learns that this was no ordinary party. Other students are rapidly sharing pictures and videos from the party and using #r&p and #gobucs since the high school basketball team is the Bucaneers. The book is so clearly set in 2016 that it’s refreshing to show how teens integrate social media into their daily lives.

News breaks out in the small town that a girl who had drank too much was raped at the house party the other week and some of the basketball players have been accused. The victim is perceived as a social outcast so some girls say terrible things about her behind her back. The stuff they said was heart-wrenching to read.

Our main character develops a crush on her childhood friend, who plays for the Buccaneer basketball team. The two of them move pretty quickly in their relationship but he is understanding when she tells him she wants to wait to have sex. They eventually do go all the way, but not before he asks her, “Kate, is this okay?”

Things get complicated in the main character’s relationship when she realizes he was at the party, possibly when the assault took place. He tells her he didn’t see anything but he doesn’t seem too sure about that. He also has a mom who has a shopping and couponing addiction.

I liked the suspense of the book and how things weren’t immediately revealed. Like, the reader doesn’t learn til the end that the sexual assault was caught on a cell phone camera and that #r&p stands for rape and pillage.

The book addressed so many important issues that I wish every high school student could read it. For example, the main character catches her brother ranking girls from 1-10 based on their Facebook photos and confronts him, asking why he thinks it’s okay to treat women that way.

The author intertwined relevant information whenever possible. For example, in their high school science class, they learned about a scientist who stood up for what he believed in and dedicated his life to finding the truth. Not surprising, this scientist had a lot in common with Kate, who eventually decides to make a tough, but right, decision.

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Give her a Pineapple

Need a gift for a friend? Give her a pineapple!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
What a cool gift!

– Bottle of Champagne (I recommend Barefoot Pink Moscato)
– Yellow candy. I used Reeses’ but you can also use that fancy gold Lindt chocolate.
– green tissue paper
– tape
– hot glue gun
-material to make a bow


1. Hot glue gun the candy onto the body of the champagne bottle. Space it out.

2. Tape the green tissue paper onto the top of the champagne bottle.

3. Tie a bow on it.

Next time, if I could do this craft over again, I’d buy more candy, get a nicer bow and cut out leaves from the green tissue paper.


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Another Tennessee weekend

I’m watching Dancing with the Stars while I’m writing this. Nyle from America’s Next Top Model is
on. It’s “Disney night” so Nile is shirtless and dressed as Tarzan. Talk about eye candy!
Nyle is one of my favorite ANTM contestants and I’m so happy he’s successful after the show.

Friday, I left work a bit early to go to my foot doctor follow up appointment. Apparently my big toenail does not have a fungus. If it’s not a fungus then it’s just plain gross. The doctor said she would remove the toenails for me, so that’s something I’m going to think about in the near future. It’s a permanent decision so I want to carefully think about it.

After my appointment, my mom, Fiona and I drove down to Tennessee. It’s a long drive. We listened to a little bit of “I’ve got your number” by Sophie Kinsella and talked. I also read a book about Sassy Girls dating but I didn’t like the book. The author argued girls should approach guys and make up a story like “My friend and I were just talking about James Bond. What do you think is the best James Bond movie?” The way she framed it just felt awkward, manipulative and creepy. I’d rather just organically go ask the guy a sincere question.

Saturday, my mom and I went to Dollywood. It wasn’t crowded! We got there right when it opened so we were able to ride all the roller coasters within like two hours. We road the Wild Eagle twice. The first time, I rode in the front row on the outside and it was so disorienting. Like, I forgot I was on a roller coaster and felt like I was just soaring. It was scary and fun! We rode in the back the second time and it was a lot less scary to see the rest of the coaster in front of us.
We watched a “Heart of Africa” show that was more like a circus show than an African dance show.
In the afternoon, my grandparents came over and we hung out at the cabin. My parents and grandparents went to go see “The Hatfields and McCoys” while I stayed home, took a bubble bath and read. I stayed up late Saturday night reading the YA novel “What We Saw.” I’m planning on writing a book review about it soon. So stay tuned.

Sunday, we all went to a flapjack house for breakfast. My dad dropped us off to go park and the hostess was on point because as soon as we walked in he said” 1,2,3,4 and one must be driving so 5! Right this way.” I was impressed. My mom and I shared a Mexican omlette that also came with two pancakes. It was a lot of food even for two people.
We took Fiona on a nice short walk near Gatlinburg. I love hikes, especially near the Smokies and with Fiona. She’s such a mountain dog. The trail had a river alongside it and some parts the water would be calm and still while others would have more rocks in the wall so it’d be this pretty gushing white flow of water.

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Second Stylish Surprise

Last week, I saw that ModCloth had another Stylish Surprise offer so of course I took advantage of it. I got a dress and an apparel item, which I assumed would be a top but this time it was a skirt. 
I’m aways so nervous opening up the package. What will be inside? That’s what I love about Stylish Surprise. You never know what you’ll get!
My dress is a gorgeous navy blue color with a fun orange and white poppie floral pattern. When I saw the pattern in the package, I squealed. It’s so sophisticated and classy.  The neckline is higher than I’d usually pick, but the A-line skirt at the bottom is totally my style. I’m okay with the more conservative neckline because the skirt is so much fun. It also came with a cute accent belt which I always like. My waist is one of my favorite body parts so I always like accenting it. 

Opening my Stylish Surprise package, I was surprised to find a skirt. I was expecting a top but I checked my invoice and it said “Apparel” item so hey, a skirt is apparel so fair is fair. I can’t return the skirt but if I could, I would. It’s not my style. But it’s not hideous. It could look a lot worse. It goes down to my knees and has two strong pockets in the front of the skirt. I’m not sure how best to wear the skirt without it being overpowering so that’s why I don’t love it. 

See? It’s a thick, heavy skirt, with two pockets. I wouldn’t have bought a skirt with pockets but I would have bought a skirt that color, preferably a little shorter cut. It feels very retro. 
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Apartment hunting

Searching for an apartment is stressful. This will be my third time searching and I can’t say it’s easier but I can say I’m more knowledgable.

Previously, I kept a Google Doc to keep track of apartments I was considering. This time, I made a Google Sheet and am keeping track of each place that way. It’s a good way to stay organized and compare each place.

When I visit an apartment, here’s what I take into consideration:

  • Price of rent
  • Availability 
    • Do they have units available in your time frame?
  • Square Feet
  • Application process
    • What paperwork? What fees? Application fee? Deposit? 
    • Sometimes the application fees can be outrageous. 
  • Income verification
    • Do you need to show them paystubs?
  • Carpet
    • I perfer carpet to hardwood so it’s important that it has nice carpet. 
  • Parking
    • Is it free? Is it available? 
  • Bathtub
  • Gas or Electric 
    • I’ve learned I perfer electric. I’ve lived in “gas” apartments and it’s just one more bill to pay. 
  • Bills covered
    • Sometimes they will pay some bills for you or it’ll be included in your rent. 
  • Wifi or cable
    • Is this included? Probably not. 
  • Fitness
    • Is there a walking path? A fitness center in the leasing office?
  • Windows 
    • Nice blinds?
  • Kitchen 
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/ Dryer
  • Appliances
    • Are they stainless steel?
  • Closet
    • Is it big? 
  • Pantry 
    • I never thought to ask about this so I showed up and realized my unit didn’t have a pantry. A pantry is nicer than shelves. 
  • Pool
  • Location 
  • Close to highway
  • Close to grocery
  • Reviews on Apartmentratings.com
    • This website offers reviews that are written by angry hot-headed people as well as level headed previous residents. Read the reviews carefully. 
  • My Comments
    • What’s your impression? 
    • How does the community look?